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i actually started to cry when i listened to this in the morning. i think it was just the combination of the lyrics, the slowed down tempo, the melody and her glorious vocals that really touched me, b

for those who bothered to follow her in the first place

At work listening to Make Me like...  

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Just now, Nick G. said:

I just want to slow grind with my man and tell him I love him while I suck him off. This song is making me feel it all. 

I laughed at first... but then realized that's exactly how I feel right now. 

(Logs on Grindr cause I ain't got no man.)

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5 minutes ago, ED_ said:

Sloan bitch,did you get my gift?


Yes but they're saying that had a problem with another purchase so it won't let me redeem it :mad: . Thank you so much though!

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