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The Deluxe Version is the real and only version of this album. The bonus tracksdon't feel like the the album ended and we are getting could have been on the album songs. It flows right after track #12.

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OKAY I am finally home after being away all weekend at a goddamn WEDDING and CHRISTENING (selfish people). Of course, this thing leaked while I was waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, I caus

In order to leak it, we are negotiating with Trump over that wall he wants to build.

she did it

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4 minutes ago, Jay said:


You don't like In This Skin?


3 minutes ago, Daviddd said:

check the post above you. it's t h e r e.

Thanks!!! I read this entire thread and was like oh yeah I know where it will be *ran to media lounge looking for Jess Simpson* I usually have those turned off though but yaaaaas!!! thank you so much guys

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WHAT YOU NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED......................................................................


I´m sclaped.My wig. where is my hair. My weave is so snatched: My hair won´t grow for my whole lifetime. I need a new wig....Where is a new wig? Can somebody give me a NEW WIIIIIG???????

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Just now, trey. said:

This album could have majorly benefited from rearranging the tracks a bit. As many have said, some of the album tracks should have been bonus tracks. 


It also makes sense that Private Show and What You Need is the same producer and I assume the same sessions. The vocals are very similar and unlike the rest of the album.

Pretty sure they're just pitched.

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