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Just now, trey. said:


I think we've all been a little paranoid, but I think we're safe with Glory. I think we haven't heard her try like this in so long that it's almost unbelievable.

I think that's what it is. :lol: I'm very paranoid.

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OKAY I am finally home after being away all weekend at a goddamn WEDDING and CHRISTENING (selfish people). Of course, this thing leaked while I was waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, I caus

In order to leak it, we are negotiating with Trump over that wall he wants to build.

she did it

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i feel like ive had new life breathed into me. i feel reborn. im seeing the world differently now. every single track was better than the last and then she fucking ends it in french!?!?!?! she's like im gonna impress you but wait one last thing, btw, i can sing in french and sound like a french angel too. byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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COUPURE ELECTRIQUE makes me want to book first flight to paris and find an underground sex scene in a basement located under the mona lisa painting museum with strobe and neon lights and just get used by femme fatales wearing bunny masks made from leather.

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