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Not my comment....but slaaaaaay. MTEjonny_zpsc73391c5.png 


She needed this album.

Like Rihanna needed to break from her annual releases that made her a meme before they were a 'thing', and left us edging for four years; like how Bey needed an album (or two) that fit her magnitude as a performer and made her one of this generation's legends; like how Ariana needed something that simply required her creative voice to finally match up with her vocal abilities - Britney too needed an album that reminded the world of why we were drawn into the mystique, the quirkiness, the PERSONA~ of Britney Fucking Spears in the first place.

After nearly nine years of her team collectively circle-jerking on shallow ideals of who they think Britney is in the eyes of the general public, while we waited for her creativity and personality to one day resurface, we're now left with something that could essentially overload us all for years to come. Yes, Karen from A&R was a necessary GPS along the way, but this is an album that only Britney could breathe such a unique identity into. I just imagine all the bullshit that she's obviously had to wade through in the last decade and for her to arrive here, with what might be considered her second- or first-best album? I smile. She's more than proven that she has a specific brand of pop sensibility, and we're only so lucky to get to have the chance to ingest it once more after so long without it.

She should sleep happily and with peace knowing that her brand of pop will never be low brow. This is the Britney I discovered as a fourth-grader back in '99. This is the Britney that I never want to see silenced or belittled again.

Come through, goddess. Come the fuck throuuuuuuugh.

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Just now, Noar said:

I feel like what's best about this album is the vocals. And I'm not saying just because of what we went through with the last album. It's her best vocally since BOMT! 

she's found a perfect balance between the deep, belting voice from the BOMT era to the airy, sensual vocals of ITZ/Blackout. i feel like this is her at her very best tbh. 

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