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8 minutes ago, Nachocheesechalupa said:

I know someone who works at Sony and said the pre-sales are underwhelming. Based on the pre-sales they're estimating a total of 100k first week. This was before the leak, I'm hoping the word of mouth changes this. I also hope the VMAs helps.


Hmm someone at the label said on another forum they were really happy with presales. Glory is apparently tracking ahead of Revival, Piece by Piece, Thank You, Sia's album, & a few others. 

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1 hour ago, Marcelo said:

Y'all I actually cried 


I did as well :covereyes: On my second listen of MOTM I got teary eyed. It's funny cause I've been meaning to get a tattoo related how us and our problems are absolutely insignificant when you think of the magnitud of the universe and this just basically repeated that. I'm def getting it now.

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19 minutes ago, 1989 said:

that's kind of what i was expecting.


the second week drop is going to be abysmal. ultimately, everyone's a singles artist nowadays unless they're taylor swift or adele. hopefully she can at least score a hit with her second single like ariana did with into you. she needs an absolute smash. this album DESERVES a little longevity at least. i know everyone wants risks*~~**~~ but...if the album is a total bomb, we may not even get a second video. like, y'all need to think long term. 



Maybe their target savings idea with the album shoot/MM reshoot will give us a decent 2nd vid.

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This album guys! I can't even pick a favorite, they're all too fucking perfect! I know some others have been bold enough to say it in confidence and I'm going to have to agree. Sorry Blackout, girl you're amazing but I'm gonna need you to step down. I think Glory might be my favorite Britney album.


And as for you Britney Jean, you better run bitch...



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