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OKAY I am finally home after being away all weekend at a goddamn WEDDING and CHRISTENING (selfish people). Of course, this thing leaked while I was waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, I caus

In order to leak it, we are negotiating with Trump over that wall he wants to build.

she did it

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6 hours ago, Matt said:

OKAY I am finally home after being away all weekend at a goddamn WEDDING and CHRISTENING (selfish people). Of course, this thing leaked while I was waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, I causally check BMK to see GLORY LEAKED and I nearly fainted. Gr8 timing. Thankful for @Devin to introduce me to Documents 5 on iOS to download the zip on my phone, sneak away later, and listen to a few tracks on my phone's speaker.

THEN I got my moment, alone, during my 3 hour drive to Boston, to listen to the entire album - 3 times in a row. THOUGHTS:


Invitation - what a god damn angelic, euphoric, insane opening. I knew the ride was going to scalp me clean during this.

DYWCO - obviously already know and love it. I actually liked having it come right after Invitation, fits well and a nice kick off after the breezy opener.

Make Me - no comments needed other than still the right choice for first single (which I realized after the full album listen)

Man on the Moon - OH. FUCK. Right from that acapella opener I knew this would be killer. That chorus, those bleeps giving 2000s Thats Where You Take Me vibes, mixed with Alien's purpose, thrown with Phoebe Ryan's stunning co-wiritng. I actually got chills during the bridge when everything HALTED to the acapella and I started to cry. No joke. It was intense.

Clumsy - still love it. Damn bop.

Just Luv Me - enjoying it A LOT more than the leaked clip (which I didn't care for). Not sure if I'd want it as a single or not, but strong album cut.

Slumber Party - I am TRYING to pin point what this beat is reminding me of. Drunk In Love? Something from early 2000s? I can't remember but its driving me nuts. I love this one so much, I can see it being a single. The chorus is such an ear worm. MAKES US GO FUCKIN CRAZY THO. OoOOohoOOoOOhohohooOO

Just Like Me - UM OK SHE'LL NEVER BE ME 2.0. I'm also always fucking here for raw Brit vocals against an acoustic guitar. This is shit I want to hear Britney sing in 2016.

Love Me Down - a jam. Gimme that urban sass, gurl. The chorus does remind me of something 5H would've put on 7/27 tho sooooo. Still a strong track.

Hard to Forget Ya - THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVE ON THE ALBUM (behind Make Me, of course). From the moment it started, my jaw dropped. The pre-chorus had me pulling my weave out serving 90s Robyn vocals. Then that BANG OF A CHORUS. This needs to be a single. It needs to be performed. It requires an experience.

What You Need - IM SORRY, WHAT?! I haven't heard these VOCALS AND ATTITUDE in god knows how long. Another jaw dropper when I heard it. Sounds like it was plucked out of the setlist of the Onyx Hotel. Can so picture 2004ney destroying this during the burlesque set.

Better - Pre-chorus & chorus are the best parts. Its a great song, but not my most memorable.

Change Your Mind - AGAIN WITH THESE RAW VOCALS AND ACOUSTIC GUITAR?! Im fucking here for her just switching it the fuck up. I died at the moment of "Imma make you change your MIIIIIIND"

Liar - this really is like a Bad Blood, which is actually a compliment considering I was never a fan of that track. I just love how anthemic it is. I can see an entire bar, and arena, chanting this with her. BABY CRY CRY CRY YOU AINT FOOLIN ANYONE.

If Im Dancing - while listening to this for the first time, I just kept thinking "well....this is....interesting" Definitely not bad, but I was like...where is this going? Is the verse done? Wheres the chorus? Its going to be a grower but Im into how weird it is.

Coupure Electrique - Not our fave throwing in an outro entirely in FRENCH. Its absolutely beautiful and compliment's Invitation's perfect opening.


ALL OF THAT SAID, consider me destroyed.

This is her best work since Blackout and we all know it (been reading many comments since the leak). A part of me is sad it probably won't get the recognition it deserves (i.e., sales, Grammys, etc. I NEED to see as many songs as possible live, preferably in a tour set up), and another part doesn't give a fuck because she more than delivered on this record. As fans, what more could we want?


What a good read! Thank you! I love these kind of reviews (because than I go back to the song and pay attention to the small moments you guys mention....which I maybe overheard or didn´t pay attention to) :bow: I hope I´ll read more on Friday ;) 

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Ok I can't manage to download or rip for shit but managed to hear a few songs from this vimeo site thing. LOVE ME DOWN!!! Has to be the 2nd single. What a tune!!

havent heard all the songs but WOW I love this bitches voice to much. I so get why ppl are comparing this to itz. It's got the ❤️ Itz has. 


Only heard from from the new leaks Slumber Party, Man on the Moon, Just like Me, Invitatuon and Love me Down! What else is missing that I shouldn't wait til Friday? 

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9 hours ago, Laura Cole said:

@  people actually owning a copy of Brotney Jones :laugh: except for work bitch and Alien of course :coffee: 

lmfao at me not owning just one, but two damn copies of that atrocious album :laugh: my babe bought me the deluxe ultra expensive britneymaniac website bundle, it keeps hunting me

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