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OKAY I am finally home after being away all weekend at a goddamn WEDDING and CHRISTENING (selfish people). Of course, this thing leaked while I was waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, I caus

In order to leak it, we are negotiating with Trump over that wall he wants to build.

she did it

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Ok I can't manage to download or rip for shit but managed to hear a few songs from this vimeo site thing. LOVE ME DOWN!!! Has to be the 2nd single. What a tune!!

havent heard all the songs but WOW I love this bitches voice to much. I so get why ppl are comparing this to itz. It's got the ❤️ Itz has. 


Only heard from from the new leaks Slumber Party, Man on the Moon, Just like Me, Invitatuon and Love me Down! What else is missing that I shouldn't wait til Friday? 

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9 hours ago, Laura Cole said:

@  people actually owning a copy of Brotney Jones :laugh: except for work bitch and Alien of course :coffee: 

lmfao at me not owning just one, but two damn copies of that atrocious album :laugh: my babe bought me the deluxe ultra expensive britneymaniac website bundle, it keeps hunting me

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58 minutes ago, Maeggie said:

OMG this thread on ATRL


Lemonade vs Glory :rip: 



The IMPACT is real! The snatch! The jealousy. The meltdowns. I am LIVING.


Why are the hive acting like Lemonade is the greatest thing since Thriller :rip: I mean don't get me wrong it's one of my favorite albums of the year but it's not even Beyonces best album. 

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54 minutes ago, Get back said:

Omg I'm dying at work and NEED to be listening to the album... how do I listen on my phone?!? I need to have liar on repeat! 


I purposely didn't put the album on my phone because I didn't wanna overplay it but now I'm having Glory withdrawals ?

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5 minutes ago, Laura Cole said:

I'm going to need receipts for those of you that have been asking for links that you actually bought the album :coffee: I've been keeping tabs and for those that cannot show proof, they are getting punishment. 



Lmao I actually haven't yet. :( Between crashing my car and both my dogs sick I'll probably only afford it in October. :rip:

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