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5 hours ago, trey. said:




1. Invitation

2. Mood Ring

3. Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy)

4. Man On The Moon

5. Just Luv Me

6. Slumber Party

7. Love Me Down

8. Do You Wanna Come Over?

9. Better

10. Liar

11. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

12. Just Like Me


13. If I'm Dancing

14. Hard To Forget Ya

15. Clumsy

16. Private Show

17. What You Need

18. Coupure Electrique


Did you intentionally put all the mid-tempos on the first half of the album and all the up-tempos (except Just Like Me and Coupure Electrique) on the last half?

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omg. imma little drunk right now. andlistening to this song while tipsy or whatever is like EVERYTHING.


also, beats by dr. dre are obnoxious and hugt, but the sound cquality is SO GOOD. like id on't think i can go back.



she did it. she fucking did it AGAIN.


kill me.

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I agree with anyone who thinks this has 1st single potential. It's SO good. I cannot get enough.


My fiance is funny. He's one of those Britney fans that loves her, but isn't obsessed like we are. Like, when she does something stupid he totally admits its, whereas I have a hard time admitting it. He texted me today saying "I've literally listened to mood ring over 20 times. IT'S SO GOOD"

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