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8 hours ago, E said:

I have a feeling this song got stuck in some sort of publishing/royalty negotiations, so RCA released it in one outlier territory so DJ Mustard couldn't re-record and release the song on his own.

that's what i was thinking.


the production was probably expensive so maybe they were able to get a lower price tag by having a regional release.

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15 minutes ago, get in the zone said:

idgi, so many of her songs have background vocals that arent britney


i agree... it seems that now its always lets make a new version and edit out the background singer... when a lot of her older songs have it to.


i know britney jean was bad, but mood ring isn't even on that level at all.

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7 minutes ago, Gabz said:

ok so which part does brit not sing? and who does? imma go in on that bitch, doesn't she have any idea what we've endured?

The adlibs at the end of the song. "My love is a moooooooooood ring", "Emotions, all these mood swings" are the only parts I think it's Melanie (the songwriter). The adlibs that follow those are Britney imo

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4 minutes ago, Leo said:

Ha track record is stained since the "they forgot to turn on her mic" thing tbh

Did he really say that tho? I've only seen ha quote someone with a yes when that person said "those ad-libls are Melanie". He didn't really specify which ones tho


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