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I should've been doing homework, but


AESTHETIC Think like Beyonce's Rocket, mixed with the V magazine shoot...



SCENE Grand beautiful secluded home with large windows and lots of light, empty interior POV shots of a home obviously lived in but still serene in nature and visual calm. No signs of movement or anyone present, light cycles through a day or so. Pan down a hallway to the mirror with the reflection of the empty hall, a door shuts and screen goes to black, flash to B in the mirror.


"Look in the mirror..."


She reaches for perfume, close ups of her hand show her reaching for one but spraying another, she reaches for lipstick in one shade and applies another, different hair, etc. 


"Who do I wanna be today?"


Cut to shot of Britney from behind looking into the mirror people in the hallway with their backs turned in the reflection, the woman looks undone entirely, hair up in a thin oversized long sleeved tee and her underwear. She turns away and the camera picks back up from the mirror, she's alone again, walking down off screen down another hall.


"Think I've been here before"


She enters a door, turns some knobs, disrobes, plays with things that belong to a man on a bathroom counter and slips in slowly in a candle lit clawfoot bath with bubbles.


"My love is a mood ring"


Black & white wide framed shots of the bath tub shown in front of large beautiful stained window & door, cracked revealing part of a balcony.  Wind blows the candles low and curtains open and allows moonlight through the windows and reveals changing silhouettes of a couple in various states of love and discord. Intercut still framed scenes of her floating doing Yoga in a dimly lit sparsely decorated mirror walled room.


"You know how to read the touch of my skin"


Slow pan over water up to Britney's face seemingly glowing, incandescent colors exaggerated in the bubbles. Britney sings arching her back in tub, water turning colors subtly and a casting a glow onto her skin, different shots of the moment show different make up, different hair again rapid pace almost time lapsed 360 of the candles and tub.


"You change me, ah..."

Vivid color wide framed  shots to Britney writhing sexually naked hovering above the tub while the tub glows bright, casting color and light around the room. Close up shots of euphoric expressions eyes closed, microclips of rapid pace b-roll footage of memories and other things. It appears she's in some sort of dream state.


Cut to her wet feet and the bottom of a long nude colored semi-sheer robe clinging to her wet body walking up to an oversized bed.


"I have no secrets"


She climbs into bed, she seems sad, maybe even disturbed. Black & white wide frame shot time lapses from the wall window looking inside of her sitting and laying on the bed with the camera never moving, a few Britney's on screen in some shots. Light moves slightly throughout the evening.


Some stop motion animation time sequences of her walking off camera and throwing things into frame, she lays in the bed again, hair done, wearing simple lingerie and another robe. More intercut still framed scenes of her floating doing Yoga in the mirrored room.


"When you're making me glow, with your fingers against my thighs"


Light begins to glow from beneath her form on the bed, she arches her back again, serving serious bed armography with gravity defying perfect hair flips.


"Think I've been her before."


It's visibly darkening as the evening progresses. She begins grazing her own skin slowly, resting her hands on herself in sensual places, close ups of the grabs reveal distinctly male hands.


"My love is a mood ring"


Camera cuts to Oops style overheard shot of the bed, slowly panning out from her face, the glowing intensifies from beneath the sheets. Quick black & white wide shots from the bedside showing beautiful large window views, Britney is floating in front of a low setting sun. Close up of her body rising just over the crest.


"You change, me ah..."


Cut back to overhead of the bed, Britney writing and serving armography, cycling through looks with the bed glowing providing vivid colorful under glows. Her hair and skin begin to glow a soft warm light.


"I'm in the palm of your hand" 


Cut to her dancing in mirrored room she was previously doing Yoga in, dancing in simple active wear.

"By my demand..."

Scenes of Britney around the house with a man who's face we never see, scenes of them happy, scenes of him looking angry and her looking sad, scenes of the opposite, goofy scenes etc. You can tell she's having these thoughts as her dancing gets less sharp.


"And you do too, ah"


The song stops for a quick shot behind Britney, she stops dancing and slumps to the floor silently.


"Think I been here before"


Cut to Britney still in her lingerie & robe, walking toward an open door leading outside, she's walking through the gardens outside in the last minutes of dusk before night falls.


"My love is a mood ring"


Lingering shots of Britney resting, posed, visibly breathing in all the previous floating shots. Vivid colors intensifying as night falls in all the floating scenes and only her colors illuminate outside of candles placed throughout.


"All these mood swings"


Britney tries her robe and approaches an infinity pool in her lingerie. Vivid color wide shots of Britney walking into the infinity pool as if slowly descending stairs, until she disappears, robe not floating on water with house and gardens in the background. Shots of from behind Britney stepping into the water with the ocean horizon and sky in the background, robe clearly floating as she walks in.


"You change me, ah"


Overhead ariel shot of Britney floating in the dark almost black pool, glowing changing colors, beautiful shots of Britney underwater in almost excessively bright sun beams cutting through the water, still glowing her colors, posing dancing under water. Alternating views until the fadeout. Britney emerges as the sun rises on the opposite side of the house, she sits soaking on the infinity edge of the pool, looking at the house.


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She can still release it....would be an amazing 2nd or 3rd single....She could even close the era with Mood Ring :) 

I adore the lyrics...they´re so great! 

Especially this part 


And now I'm falling for you
I turn to golden from blue
And you do too, ah


Mood Ring reminds me so much of TOMH/BOM/ATWK.....my favourite songs ever from Britney...and this song right here easily joins my list of ultimate faves :bow: 

Britney + moody/vibey songs with a heavy beat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :bow: 

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