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Fuck Private Show and Clumsy for taking album spots.

We're moms now.

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1 minute ago, salem said:

I think it would make such a powerful statement if it was the album opener, setting the mood for what's coming on the album.

Invitation is THE  opener tbh. Inviting you to come get fucked

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2 hours ago, Bobby said:

According to goldsoundz, Britney recorded the complete main vocal, but never got around to doing the ad-libs so those are the writer. I'm not sure if this includes the "heeeeey yeahs" at the end because those are perfect. 

Can you gimme a link to his post please 

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4 minutes ago, eddie said:

I think what does this song justice is the register she sings in. I find myself trying to recreate that tone she sings in the chorus. "I think I've been here before"...

And just enjoy that along with melody , Great song :bow: 


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