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NEWS Britney SLAYS Happy Birthday LIVE


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HAHAHA I'm giddy! She sounds so good :puppyeyes:


I can't stop laughing at this scenario I've created in which Britney deeply cherishes the song Happy Birthday and was so inspired by the content as a child that she decided to become a singer. It was the song she chose for star search and the intro to the '00 vma's instead of satisfaction. Chaotic features 16 minutes of her singing all the extra made up Happy Birthday outros to Kevin and a small crowd, etc

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48 minutes ago, Rayon said:

when will your fave cause such a stir by singing 30 seconds live at her own show?!!


this is the most she's sung live the entire 4 years of this show!!!!


it only could be Britney :bow::bow::bow:

This is literally the first time since POM commenced... it's a joke really. At least during FFT in the beginning she sang along to the tracks.

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