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VIDEO She really gave us "something to talk about"...!


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I still can't get over the fact, that she just took a mic, sang her lungs out, gave us the best roars and belts in years, and felt so comfortable on stage while doing so. The praise and acclaim.


I feel B10 will have more country influences. More soul. More Rnb. And I'm totally here for it! 

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8 minutes ago, Jenna said:

How have I ruined the moment? I praised her while giving constructive criticism. I'm one of the biggest champions of her singing on this forum. Pay attention. 


I totally agree. All singers have vocal coaches- she should totally work on this more and kill it with the vocals even more ?

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2 hours ago, DahMuzikMan said:

Wow, apparently she still knows how to give people something to talk about, and she sounds great.  When I listened closely, the ad-libs after the "love love loveee" remind me of something Adele would do.  Seriously. 


Yes!!! She hit like 3 key spots and the way she ends love each time! 

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