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VIDEO She really gave us "something to talk about"...!

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This right here is what makes me annoyed that her mic is never on!! Like??? She sounds amazing. So it's pure laziness? Why doesn't she even make any live sounds or sings a word here or there on her own songs?! :laugh:  At times you can tell that she wants to make a "woo" or something but nothing comes out xD


Oh well, give the world something to talk about Brit! 

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she sounds like this little bitch right here   

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Can you imagine how good it must feel to open your mouth and really sing live so that everyone can hear you, after basically being completely silent and lipping all your songs?  Like I would think that would feel really good, like your voice deserves to be heard!

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oh a singer is actually singing? about fucking time. :rolleyes:





BIIIIIIITCH! She is doing amazing! This is the treatment she needs to give HER songs. GO BRIT :bow: I NEED A FULL VIDEO. I am SHOOKETH. WHERE HAS THIS BRITNEY BEEN? THE FUCK?

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3 minutes ago, addictedsober said:

the speech!!!!! I need the full!!!

bitch is woke!

she's fully aware of everything! she wants to speak up!!!

she really is. i feel so dragged for all my criticism lmao. she is fully 100% aware of what she's not doing. so baffling.

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