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The Official Billboard Music Awards 2016 Discussion Thread

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I'm going to say this once, and hopefully somehow the universe takes this in and makes it known     IF THE MOTHERFUCKING CAMERA MEN/WOMEN TRY TO CUT AWAY TO WATCH SOME WEAK ASS BITCHES

her dancing was stiff   but at least we got to see her.

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She needed to do the full WB choreo but besides that it was perfect and maybe some of the transitions were a little weird. I loved that she did the slave breakdown and omg I am floored by the new toxic choreo I hope that wasn't just for the BBMA's it needs to be part of the residency. I screamed during the womanizer breakdown I started crying haha

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Just now, Erik said:

When she didn't do the WB floor choreo I was like "oh no..." and then I thought she would skip the Womanizer breakdown but as soon as she did that I knew everything would be ok.


I can now die happy.


Yes, and the Toxic floor work was great!

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I can't yall.  Britney slated on prime time tv.  She sang about fingering herself.  She said the word bitch.  She had 3 inches of clothing on.  Welcome back Britney :bow: 


bring on the controversy!!!

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