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The Official Billboard Music Awards 2016 Discussion Thread

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I'm going to say this once, and hopefully somehow the universe takes this in and makes it known     IF THE MOTHERFUCKING CAMERA MEN/WOMEN TRY TO CUT AWAY TO WATCH SOME WEAK ASS BITCHES

her dancing was stiff   but at least we got to see her.

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59 minutes ago, Roberto said:

Troye was beautiful. Rihanna talking during the Go Gos was hilarious. This tribute is kinda great and I think Madonna did a great job. :love:


Britney was the best... shocker.



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7 minutes ago, Mike said:

What are you talking about?


i wasn't saying it wasn't flawless. Did you read my post. I said who was saying she couldn't do a prince song and why, cause clearly she did it. And I think she did it wel. Imo. 

My bad :heart: 

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5 minutes ago, Xtino said:

BEST pop performances 






Best Vocal Performances






Madonna ??


the rest bye 

Agreed. Except I put pink before ariana

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14 minutes ago, anthony. said:

I was so excited for the whole line-up at first but they fucked up having her go first. The rest of the show I was on my phone looking at pics from Britney's performance, vids from Britney's performance, reading coverage of Britney's performance, and talking on here about Britney's performance. 

this :laugh: 

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6 minutes ago, Danilo said:

Is she getting a good response? All I see is people complaining about lipsync

Who? Britney? Um, read the main forum :laugh: 

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4 minutes ago, Nick G. said:

Britney still does sex better than anyone in the game. She is just sex when she performs. No one else has it. 

I know, she could just be there walking in that red lingerie the entire performance and I'd still be glued to the screen. Her charisma and star quality are insane 

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