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The Official Billboard Music Awards 2016 Discussion Thread

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I'm going to say this once, and hopefully somehow the universe takes this in and makes it known     IF THE MOTHERFUCKING CAMERA MEN/WOMEN TRY TO CUT AWAY TO WATCH SOME WEAK ASS BITCHES

her dancing was stiff   but at least we got to see her.

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Looking at it for a third time without freaking out, there is A LOT of prerecorded vocals all throughout the performance. I'm pleased. I need those new vocals added to toxic in Vegas.

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47 minutes ago, Mila said:

Someone put together what I posted earlier omg 


lmaooo glad I wasn't the only one thinking this 




omg :laugh:  She is trying way too hard.  I'm gonna be sad when the inevitable singling out of one member who gets too much attention and the eventual disbandment of the group happens.

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Um... OK BET, OK. Like yes, why don't we start shit over another award show choosing to honor a recently deceased artist a certain way?


Rolling my eyes. They'll do their thing. It may be better. It may be worse. But whatever. It was a tribute, and it wasn't disastrous. Of all the things to be shady about, a tribute to someone who is now dead is like the worst type of shade.


Rolling my eyes HARD.

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7 minutes ago, Jonny said:


They shouldn't be shading anyone when their MJ tribute was a travesty of epic proportions and Prince himself sat and threw shade the entire time when the BET awards last put together performers to honor him.

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I may be reaching but I think this is better than even some of the stuff she did in her prime. Her lipping was definetly a little off and I think it kinda screwed with her during WB but once Womanizer started it was just wow, I'm proud, honored, and fucking happy to be a Britney fan right now. Haven't even watched Riri's yet. 

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12 minutes ago, Megawarrior said:

Watch legend twirl



O.M.G I DIED! :laugh: She is ADORABLE :bow::love: 


Like literally... Where did nervousney/stiffney go!? Coz she is NOWHERE to be seen!! (And of course thank Godney for that)!

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