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The Official Billboard Music Awards 2016 Discussion Thread

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1 hour ago, Leo said:

There were 3 dance breakdowns in this performance, a backflip, two props (one which she furiously rode) and beautiful choreographed moments. Not to mention she looked incredible, confident and was having fun. :laugh: I don't know how could anyone want more than this.

And arguably better than most Pop star performances these days :laugh: 

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1 hour ago, Maeggie said:

Seriously...I watched it today in HD quality...and I cried a damn river.....Goosebumps all over my body... I was proud like a mother! 

She really delivered....with her looks, her attitude AND her dancing....She danced enough! Just the Womanizer dancebreak, Slave and Toxic....


I love her smile when performing Toxic....she KNEW that she slayed! I am so proud!!

It was a great moment to see at toxic. She looked SO happy :bow: 

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