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The Official Billboard Music Awards 2016 Discussion Thread


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This is all Britney. She is so over everything after 2003. They better have some bomt and oops elements in the transition from each song ...


if if she did the play with your heart dance she'd get brilliant reviews but she refuses and it's cute .. Like when that guy in the interview asked her to do and she's like hell no. To be honest the slow downed slave 4 u with the fountain . Blah I hope somehow it's better than POM.


We are basically getting 7 minutes of footage from POM.


im so excited . I feel 13 again 

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Roses again omfg...he also worked with her during the BURNS sessions. and BURNS quoted that MMO article and said something like "new stuff is coming soon" a few weeks ago. omg i'm getting my hopes up for the single/album announcement tomorrow or at least VERY SOON


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14 minutes ago, TJ said:


I'm done. Fuck this bitch. Ruining her legacy, incontestably horrendous, etc.


I hope your phone/tablet/laptop/wifi/cable/electricity goes out from 8:00-8:08 and you miss the whole flawless thing. 


You just got hexed for being ungrateful:coffee:

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