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Britney's Gram - FREE BRITNEY (Episode 75)


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1 hour ago, Santiago said:

Don’t speak on behalf of anybody, especially if you’re going to say something as stupid as this. Britney Spears is probably going through another yet defining moment in her life and her family’s lives. We’re talking a fragile 37 years old woman who has been controlled her entire life by business men and that also comes from a troubled household and the few moments she’s been rebellious and free she’s gotten herself into the worst moments of her life. This fan base has caused a lot of damage already to Britney and her team, and as incompetent and manipulative they can “allegedly” be, that are the ones that have made sure Britney and her children have made it this far. We know absolutely nothing besides what the media and some fan theories have fed us regarding this narrative but bottom line is, we are as lost as we where back in 2007. We didn’t know what was happening with her back then and we surely don’t know what’s happening with her right now. This fan base has made every effort possible to find someone to blame for Britney’s behaviour or the lack of for that matter but only a few have actually stopped and asked the right questions. We love Britney, we are rooting for her, but we cannot and we shouldn’t keep doing this. Britney Spears is a mentally unstable person and all we can do is hope she is getting the help she needs. We’re just not talking about the pop icon, we’re talking about the woman, the mother and the struggles and issues that comes along with them and she deserves privacy and respect, from all sides 

Basically. I think alot of us are trying to say that but just have been unable to. Personally what i was trying to convey in my own comment was that we can't deny that Britney never fully went back to being herself but the fact she's still on this earth today is only due to her family. Yes maybe they made mistakes along the way maybe she became too controlled idk but we all can agree Britney isn't well and hasn't been for a while but I think we can all unanimously say that all we want is for Britney to come out of this fully healthy and fully happy. I just want some day in the future to see her smiling the way she once did. That smile that could light up the entire room. She always used to make me feel so happy even when crap was happening in my own life and to think how much turmoil she's been through which we don't even have even the slightest idea about makes her that much more inspirational.

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3 hours ago, Sloan said:

What are your honest thoughts on things?

Overall I think we don’t have nearly enough information for me to make an educated and logical opinion on the matter. 


I do think Britney has “relapsed” to a bad mental state and that  breaks my heart. I also believe she has a family that cares deeply for her. 


I think it’s not one or the other extreme, it’s the area in between. Britney wanted Domination, Vegas was a happy place for her personally and professionally. Something happened that changed her mental state very quickly, her team tried the best they could to “cover it up” to protect her own privacy and the brand...fair.


For just as many “sad” videos and pictures there are of her over the last decade there are happy videos and pictures. 


Overall I don’t think we have nearly enough factual information to warrant this kind of response. There are so many well educated people here and some of the responses I’ve seen, this mob mentality where they only hear what they want to hear and aren’t evaluating all credible information, is surprising. 

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4 minutes ago, runaway said:

Oh yeah I forgot about the lips lol but I'm pretty sure those are fillers that dissolve 🤷‍♂️

She looks different tho..not the fillers but the lips are little different now. When she smiles...wider or something. 

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