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Britney's Gram - FREE BRITNEY (Episode 75)

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14 minutes ago, Erik said:

How are those emails “believable”? I mean for all we know they could be real but they look like someone could’ve just made them in freaking Word.


And the one allegedly from Britney is signed “love Jack”? What’s up with that?

They could be fake for sure but if they are they were made to appear as though they were from her. 


Apparently Jack is her poking fun at the gay demon Lou was convinced possessed her??



honestly though this is all sounding insane. I don’t want to read too much into anything especially since this all could be fabricated for all we know. I will say though, something is off and I’m sure these past 11 yrs have not been 24/7 sunshine and roses for Britney. I’m really hoping these allegations aren’t true cause if so Lou is insane and it’s wild that they allowed her to get so close and play such a pivotal role in her life. 

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My point of view and some personal history:   When I was 15, I attempted suicide and was immediately placed, against my will, in a local psychiatric hospital after the initial detox phase in

For god's sake he was taking a fucking picture with her which she AGREED to.

“I’m happy and everything is fine”

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Lou had already been stalking Britney but Sam was the one that introduced them and invited her into Britney's home. Sam & Lou had some kind of partnership. Then Britney's parents ousted Sam. Perhaps Lou even tipped them off in some way. Lou then went rogue, manipulated them, and then became Jamie Lynn's manager. The conservatorship took place and then she became Britney's "financial advisor" or whatever. Jamie either doesn't know about all the things she does or he goes along with it. Feeling betrayed by Lou, Sam leaked the emails as revenge. Whether Britney really composed them or not is another story.




Sam never wanted Lou around in the first place because he knew she would prevent him from securing his bag.

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5 hours ago, Jenna said:

Someone said fans have been talking to Sam or hearing from him. The emails are from "an anonymous source," so I think it must be Sam.

Yeah it is, at least that's what the fans being contacted are saying.


This guy, d4niellr, on twitter  posted one of the emails and the unreleased photo before emailmypussy did and on Exhell claimed he was contacted by Sam. I won't embed the specific tweet because it has the photo.


emailmypussy also had this to say about their source after people questioned if it was Sam:


Can I say how embarrassing it is that an account called emailmypussy is spearheading this?
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12 minutes ago, Noar said:

Who is that woman called Lou for Britney ? I know she's Jamie Lynn's manager, but does she work for Britney too ? What is she ?

She founded TriStar which does dome business for Britney. I think more so around touring but apparently one of her assistants, Robin, is from TriStar.

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Wtf? If this is true that woman is batshit crazy. The only reason why I would believe some of the britney emails it’s because of the sarcasm in them. She was pretty sarcastic back then.


This stalker also reminds me of Selena’s stalker and how she became part of her life was so obsessed with her and ended up killing her. 


I really hope if there’s any truth to this, that woman burns in hell! 

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It seems crazy to me how Jamie, as her conservator, is supposedly protecting Britney by checking that there are no bad people around her, and yet someone like this can get so close to her and even become his other daughter's manager. 

I know it can be a hard job, he can make mistakes. But you'd think that if those mails are real, Britney would have to talked to him about that, right ? Did he just not care about her opinion ? Did Britney change her mind ? 

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57 minutes ago, Mila said:

Sam is a psychopath who preys on vulnerable people. All he does is manipulate so I would not believe anything that comes from him. 

Indeed. There's a reason he has multiple restraining orders against him and aligns himself with seemingly vulnerable women at any opportunity - Britney, Amanda, Courtney, Lindsay...

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