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Britney's Gram - FREE BRITNEY (Episode 75)

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My point of view and some personal history:   When I was 15, I attempted suicide and was immediately placed, against my will, in a local psychiatric hospital after the initial detox phase in

For god's sake he was taking a fucking picture with her which she AGREED to.

“I’m happy and everything is fine”

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20 minutes ago, Pierre said:

This is embarrassing 


Omg cringe!!!


did anyone here talk about Lou Taylor being a stalker and throwing salt all over Britney’s house? There was a post on Twitter about it 

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1 minute ago, Matthew said:

There's literally like ten people at that "protest".

All it shows me is that people are happy to theorise and conspire from the safety of Twitter, but aren't mobilised/convinced/moved enough to show in person.

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3 minutes ago, Brandon said:

Omg this is horrifying. 


They’re chanting “Get a job, Jamie” 😂

The irony of them being there during regular office hours protesting something they're not even 100% sure about.



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16 minutes ago, zumba said:

Is that usual spot for protests? It looks like random insignificant street corner

They're at West Hollywood City Hall. How the location has any relevance to this situation...IDK.

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8 minutes ago, dru said:

Imagine being a journalist and your assignment was to cover this.

A reporter just interviewed a fan and asked “what sources do you get all of your news from?” And he said “I’ve gone to the University of Britney Spears for 20+ years” 💀

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