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Britney's Gram - FREE BRITNEY (Episode 75)


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38 minutes ago, Chad said:

Look through this woman's Twitter. There's no way a rational person can think she's a legitimate source while also denouncing the hosts of Britney's Gram.

I told yall already this bitch is an old troll who self inserts herself into situations like this. Plz dont feed this troll, shes a wannabe Sam lutfi. 

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3 minutes ago, Noar said:

Some of you say she'll be back to Vegas after this. But after what happened, wouldn't concerts organizers be scared that she would have to cancel again because of her mental health? 

I mean if you look at her track record, it would be dumb to write her off after all the other tours/Vegas the last eleven years. Might have stricter contracts, but I don’t think anyone can say she can’t bounce right back. I mean it was only a year after being hospitalized in 2008 that she did TCSBS.

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The guy who posted the documents added this (on Exhale)



2008: she first appeals it (deemed mentally unstable)

2009: before Circus Tour: she sends an evaluation by a psychiatrist asking for the end of the conservatorship

March 30, 2009 (a month after Circus Tour began): her dad fights her own motion, asking for a second psychiatrist evaluation

July 23, 2009: new psychiatrist agrees with first psychiatrist and also asks for the conservatorship to end

May 28, 2010: Britney and psychiatrist send and update on her mental health to give more evidence on her being mentally stable

July 29, 2011 (during Femme Fatale when she was doped af): Jamie and conservatorship lawyer makes a urgent statement

Right after that Britney and her own lawyer makes their own statement


April 6, 2012: Jamie asks for her boyfriend at that time, Jason Trawick, to be added as a conservator

August 21, 2012: Britney files a petition asking to shorten the conservatorship

*Media reports Britney had a meeting with the jugde on her case arguing that "she's the only person under a conservatorship to sign a $50 million deal to be a judge on a live tv show". Wants conservatorship to end. Denied by the judge.


2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018: no updates on her case.


March 4, 2019: Britney files a new urgent petition (no details) and a memo (legal defend on her behalf)

Right after that Jamie files a petition against her

Then there's a register of a lawyer, Andrew Wallet (co-conservator), being fired and asking to get paid *The same who allegedly spoke with Britney's Gram via voicemail after a month.

Britney files a new memo (no detail)

Jamie Spears (conservator) files a new petition against Britney

Britney is sent to a mental facility

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3 minutes ago, Nachocheesechalupa said:

Or how she’s deemed mentally unstable after two physiatrists agreed she was stable.

Is that supported by any of these leaking court docs? I wanna read how that went down and if she was stable, why Jamie didn't let her off. 

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