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Britney's Gram - FREE BRITNEY (Episode 75)

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My point of view and some personal history:   When I was 15, I attempted suicide and was immediately placed, against my will, in a local psychiatric hospital after the initial detox phase in

For god's sake he was taking a fucking picture with her which she AGREED to.

“I’m happy and everything is fine”

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Of course Britney wants out, you don't need a podcast or legal degree to know that she's a grown ass woman under the control of her Father. But everything else I have no idea and I'm not contributing because we're dealing with her mental health and well-being and talking or speculating about that is ick.

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56 minutes ago, Trey said:


If Britney HERSELF did an interview on camera seemingly happy and healthy and told us she actually IS happy and healthy, yes, I do think it would stop the current speculation. 

Like when she said that everything was fine with Kevin ? 

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42 minutes ago, dru said:


Although they contributed to it in their own way with their own speculation and allusions, I think it's good that Bradley and T.Kyle are now taking this stance with their podcast.


I'm assuming they were contacted by team Britney. The link for Britney's gram podcast hasn't been working most of the day either. 

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10 minutes ago, cesar said:

FYI - according to california law, a conservator cannot place a conservatee in a mental facility and/or rehab if they aren't willing - it would have to be approved by court.  britney has rights. she isn't there against her will...

stop listening to this god forsaken creepy ass intrusive podcast ran by OBSESSIVE and SCARY fans. it's messing with your brain and some of y'all are already weird as fuck. 



"Also, the conservator can agree to place the mentally ill person in a locked facility if a psychiatrist says it is needed and the hospital agrees to take the person, whether or not the conservatee agrees. The conservator can also decide where the mentally ill person will live when s/he is not in a locked psychiatric facility. "




I don't know if the whole Santa Clara County thing is relevant cause I don't know how law works in the US but it says State of California.

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2 hours ago, Trey said:

The people getting all upset over the speculation need to chill. Britney could put an end to literally every ounce of speculation if she wanted to. If the conversation was bothering her, all it would take is a statement (FROM HER) asking us to respect her privacy, and assure us she is in control and happy. She doesn’t have to give us an ounce of detail about her diagnosis or personal information. 

She doesn't owe anyone that. It's her private life. 

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